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    MICS WEAR ESPAÑA an exclusive distributor of products manufactured by Slurry Master,brand "Buccaneer Pumps". Distributor Agreement is valid in Europe and CIS countries. Slurry Master is specializing in design and manufacturing of Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Pumps.

    We supply pumps, spares and accessories to the mining industry and we provide consulting in pump use by analysing systems and finding faults.

    The pumps product lines are produced in South Africa using the most advanced design criteria and the most modern manufacturing technologies.

    All brand names, model names or marks are owned by their respective manufacturers. MICS WEAR ESPAÑA S.L., has no affiliation with the OEM. These terms are used for identification purposes only and are not intended to indicate affiliation with or approval by the OEM.


MICS WEAR ESPAÑA S.L. was established to supply replacement parts and pumps for the slurry market in Europe and CIS countries. We have the technical support systems in place to consult on any pump system analysis and fault finding.

Our head office is located in Malaga, Spain. We are an exclusive distributor of the Slurry Master, brand "Buccaneer Pumps".


We maintain our combined vision to make Buccaneer Pumps a strong and reliable brand name in the pumping industry. Rising to the challenges of a rapidly growing mining industry.

Our entire design and manufacturing operation is carried out under one roof. Affording us more quality control and allowing us to streamline our workflow.


Our core business purpose is customer satisfaction through superior service delivery in the highly demanding Mining Industry.

These pumps tick all the boxes when it comes to being a genuine OEM Slurry pump:
  1. Completely interchangeable with AH & MP series pumps no risk of converting
  2. Superior design and performance resulting in longer durability and extended maintenance cycles
  3. Completely backed with support from Buccaneer engineers and designers
  4. Documented and patented improvements over competitor parts.
  5. Proven lower operational costs against competitor products.
FP Pump Range

FP Pump Range

The FP pump range has been designed to offer reliability in dewatering and process water applications.

FP Pumps are supplied standard with high-chrome wet ends, and are available with stuffing box or expeller sealing arrangements. Alternative materials available on request.

HD Metal Pump Range

HD Metal Pump Range

The HD range has been designed for corrosive and erosive slurries.

A combination of wet end materials are available such as chrome, rubber, various grades of stainless steel & alloys as well as our newly developed Sh56 material.

MD Pump Range

MD Pump Range

The MD Pump is a cost effective solution to medium duty slurry applications and the design allows for easy maintenance.

HD-SP Pump Range

HD-SP Pump Range

The vertical spindle range is suited for all sump applications; spillage & carbon transfer.

Available in different spindle lengths and materials of construction.

MD-TV Vertical Pump Range

MD-TV Vertical Pump Range

The MD-TV pump range is suited to all sump applications; spillage, carbon transfer etc.

Various column lengths and materials of construction are available. Chrome, rubber & stainless steel are suited for corrosive and/or abrasive sump applications

HD-VS Vertical Pumps

HD-VS Vertical Pumps

Our HD-VS range of pumps are specifically designed to handle highly abrasive slurries.

Our robust pumps also feature a simple design aimed at making installation and maintenance an easy task.

ST Vertical Pumps

ST Vertical Pumps

Our ST pump range are known for their induced flow impellers, making this pump range the ideal choice for applications where large or stringy solids are being handled as well as being well suited for use in the C.I.P. process.
All pumps are available is cast iron, 27% chrome, stainless steel as well as rubber-lined wear parts.

MF Froth Pump Range

MF Froth Pump Range

Boost your froth pumping levels with the froth pump that has been designed to ensure high efficiency with minimal maintenance.

Application areas include: Mineral mining process plants, pulp, paper, sewage and effluent.

We offer an array of value added services to our product range. We believe it is our service excellence that builds and nurtures a mutual relationship with our customers.

Pattern Making / Precision Foundry Casting

Since it’s inception in 2007, our Foundry division has been one of our main concerns; servicing many customers with their casting requirements. Our foundry casts 10 tons on average per day and is accompanied by a Pattern Shop, Pattern Store and Testing Laboratory.

Our foundry is renowned for superior casting in Chrome, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel (All grades), Bronze, SG and Specialized Alloys.

Repair & Refurbishment / Breakdown / Maintenance & Service Division

Our maintenance and service technicians are on standby 24/7, available for spares dispatch and on-site breakdown repairs. Our workshop technicians are repairing and refurbishing pumps daily, making sure that service exchange units are readily available, ensuring minimal downtime on site.

Plant Design / Pump Selection / Project Management / Turnkey Projects

Whether it’s a single pump selection, more detailed plant design or an entire turnkey solution that you require. Slurry Master is home to some of the industries most skilled and experienced engineers and project personnel, who work attentively on seeing your project through till the very end.


The supply of spares is locally produced. We supply alternative replacement parts to fit standard Warman Slurry Pumps. This includes metal, rubber and polyurethane spares.

Buccaneer engineers have responded to industry concerns in developing their new range of slurry pumps. Buccaneer slurry pumps feature patented and patent pending innovative designs that can significantly reduce the operational costs of slurry pumping. By addressing the key performance areas in slurry pumping, we have achieved improved reliability, longer service life and greater efficiency.

Interchange ability with the AH and MP series pumps allows for a no risk decision when it comes to changing from an existing AH or MP Series pump.

Field trials in severe duty applications have demonstrated that Buccaneer slurry pumps and replacement parts are capable of achieving efficiency gains of up to 7% and component wear life of up to 700% longer than that achieved by other brands, resulting in significantly reduced operating costs and greater plant production.

Buccaneer genuine replacement parts offer outstanding interchange ability with competitor slurry pumps. They allow improvements to be achieved without complex modifications to existing plant in most cases.

Current stocked ranges from 1.5x1B to 12x10G

  1. Choice of 27% - 35% Chrome, Rubber, Urethane or specialist impeller materials
  2. Choice of Metal, Rubber, Urethane or specialist liner materials
  3. Larger sizes up to 20x18 GM are available on request
All brand names, model names or marks are owned by their respective manufacturers. MICS WEAR ESPAÑA S.L., has no affiliation with the OEM.
These terms are used for identification purposes only and are not intended to indicate affiliation with or approval by the OEM.
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